Swimming With Dolphins

dolThe first time I got to swim with dolphins was on a cruise trip with my family. We had a stop in Mexico, and my parents surprised me on Christmas with an excursion to go swim with dolphins for the day. Let me tell you, it was the best present I have ever received! We started the day by eating breakfast on the cruise then traveled by jeep to the dolphin cove. Everyone was extremely friendly and super excited for us to be there. They suited us up in life jackets and pretty soon, we were led out to the water where the dolphins were.

I remember that was the first time I had seen a dolphin up close. They’re the most beautiful, amazing creatures. It always looks like they’re smiling which, to me, makes me very comfortable to be around them. They’re very gentle and you can swim right up to them and touch their skin. It’s a very rubbery feeling – something that I didn’t expect.

So we got to take photos and everything with them. Unfortunately I didn’t have an underwater camera. It would be so cool if we could have been exploring underwater with a submersible drone because then we could have taken pictures of the dolphins underwater! It was fine anyway because there were professional photographers to take photos of everyone in the cove.

Then the dolphin instructors gave the dolphins the instructions for the coolest experience ever. We were told to float standing straight and the dolphins would put their nose to our feet and swim with us. When it was my turn, the dolphin swam so fast that I was lifted out of the water! I’ve never been pushed so fast by such an amazing animal before and it was the best experience I’ve ever had! I wish you would have been able to see what it was like underwater. Sometimes I wish I had the highest rated ROV available so I could experience everything again underwater including watching what the dolphins do.

This whole experience made my day and was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

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My Adventures With Dolphins

I have the coolest job in the world. I am a dolphin tamer. Is that not cool? What does a dolphin tamer do? Well, unlike places like Seaworld, we feel that there are times when dolphins need to be tamed. Dolphins are wild animals, but their habitat is dangerous. There are poachers, dangerous predators, and tons of environmental hazards as well. I do feel that there things to consider about that, is it wrong to save the dolphins if they are treated properly? I do not think so. There is important stuff that needs to be done, and one of those is helping the dolphins understand that they are going to be okay, safe, and build relationships with people like me.

That is me with one of my favorite dolphins Larry. Larry was saved from a shipwreck where he got his head stuck in a shipwreck. We brought him to our facility, and helped him rehab. We have built up a great relationship together, and what makes me happy is that he loves me as well. We get along great together. He has now been with us for over 8 years. We hang out everyday together, and what it lets us do is build a bodn that will him stay happy for years to come. Now check out a cool video of him:

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